Mountain Education Charter High School Graduation 2015
Pickens High School ~ May 28, 2015

Introduction ~ Ron Hunter
Processional ~ "Pomp & Circumstance"
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag ~ Colin Castillo-Gilmer
The National Anthem ~ Alyssa Penton-Pickens
Welcome ~ Ron Hunter
High Honor Graduate Address ~ Kaitlyn Graham-Gilmer
High Honor Graduate Address ~ Rebekah Mampel-Pickens
Recognition of Class of 2015 ~ Tim Mount
Presentation of Awards ~ Harold Culbreth
Presentation of Scholarships ~ Harold Culbreth
Big Canoe Chapel ~ Bill Gibson
ETC-Ellijay Telephone Co. ~ Doug Harrison & Frankie Rigdon
Ellijay Lionís Club ~ Merle Howell-Nayler
Pearson Learning System ~ Tim Mount
Pickens Staff Scholarship ~ Harold Culbreth
Rae Anne Hadden ~ Annette Sanford
Wade Smith Scholarship ~ Donna Fetner
PMEC Futures Scholarship ~ Fredna Stancil
Optimist Club of Jasper ~ Larry Starr

Presentation of Diplomas ~ Tim Mount
Congratulatory Remarks ~ Ron Hunter


Amelia Ellen Acevedo-Pickens*
Ethan Chadwick Agan-Gilmer*
Emily Taylor Chase Allen-Gilmer*
Jenny Elena Alcaraz-Pickens
Ruth Ines Alejos-Pickens
MeKayla Rena Alvardo-Gilmer*
Colin Christian Castillo-Gilmer
Colton Wayne Baty-Pickens*
Gage Lloyd Bennett-Pickens*
Kyle Lewis Boyer-Pickens
Leah Mikelle Bradley-Pickens*
Dezarea Danielle Brown-Pickens*
Kelly-Ann Campagna-Pickens
Madison Marie Caperell-Pickens*
Miguel Chavez Cano-Pickens
Hailey Denise Coker-Pickens*
Tyler Montgomery Davenport-Gilmer
Dakota Lane Davis-Pickens*
Taylor Michelle Davis-Pickens
Austin Cody Edmonds-Pickens
Mandalyn Melodie Flowers-Pickens*
Summer Victoria Fowler-Pickens*
Madison Wynelle Garmon-Pickens*
Kassandra Nicole Govea-Pickens
Kaitlyn Brooke Graham-Gilmer*
Kimberly Laura May Gravely-Gilmer*
Brandon Moses Grimes-Gilmer
Margaret Hannah Harper-Gilmer
Treva Christina Hernandez-Pickens*
Shelby Brooke Holbert-Pickens*
Daisy Nicole Jones-Gilmer*
Katie Dale Jordan-Pickens*
MiKayla Nichole Mampel-Pickens*
Rebekah Faith Mampel-Pickens*
Hunter Harris Martin-Pickens
Brandon Harley McCollum-Gilmer*
James Dylan Mitchell-Pickens
Daniel Joel Morgan-Pickens
Jessie Brooke Mulkey-Pickens*
Lauren Kacie Mulkey-Pickens*
Ashleigh Serene Osborn-Pickens*
Brianna Hope Pardue-Pickens*
Olivia Aedan Pinson-Gilmer*
Ashley LeAnn Rampley-Pickens*
Amelia Ann Reece-Gilmer*
Taylor Shay Richards-Pickens*
Jennifer Ann Snyder-Pickens*
Justin Avery Stallings-Gilmer*
Emily Nicole Stover-Gilmer*
Joshua Cameron Swartz-Pickens
Clayton Lowell Vaughn-Pickens*
Chelsea Renee Waters-Pickens*
Harley Nichole Watkins-Gilmer*
Marie Yvonne Westmoreland-Pickens*
Abbigale Sara White-Gilmer*
James Derek Brandon Williams-Gilmer*
* Denotes Honor Graduate

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