Pickens County 4-H 81st Annual Awards Banquet
May 15, 2011

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Welcome - Commissioner Rob Jones

Pledge - Kasey Nolan

Opening Remarks - Clarcy Kirby

Volunteer Recognition - Katherine Kirby and Christina Farron

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Miller for leading our S.A.F.E. Team.
  • Mr. Rich Kumfert for helping with our S.A.F.E. Team.
  • Mr. Lonnie Waters for helping with the S.A.F.E. Team and organizing the team's turkey shoots.
  • Mr. Larry Brogdon our wonderful secretary!
  • Mr. Mark Kirby for hauling livestock to the many shows.
  • Mrs. Michelle Cooper for picking up food for us hungry 4-H'ers and running any other errands that we might need taken care of and for driving a bus to field trips.
  • Melvina Carlan for helping with project clubs and portfolios.
  • Mrs. Traci Buckingham for helping coordinate and carry out 4-H events.
  • Ms. Lisa Riley for helping with Cloverleaf DPA.
  • Mr. Michael Painter for helping with Cloverleaf DPA and the goat team.
  • Mrs. Susan Miller for helping with the PCMS 4-H club.
  • Mrs. Kim Fitts for helping with almost every 4-H activity.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chip Sims for helping wherever they are needed.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Keith Painter for helping with any activity Mrs. Kirby offers.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fowler for helping feed our hungry goat team.
  • Ms. Anita Hayes for helping at Cloverleaf Camp & DPA.
  • Ms. Sonya Smith for helping at Cloverleaf Camp & DPA.
  • Mrs. Dawn Bryan for helping at Cloverleaf DPA.
  • Mrs. Lori Dean for driving the bus and helping at Cloverleaf DPA.
  • Mrs. Brandie Dykes for driving the bus and helping at Cloverleaf DPA.
  • Pickens County Master Gardeners for helping with the annual plant sale
  • Dr. Craig Chester for providing health papers on livestock.
  • Mr. Carl Bledsoe for helping with horse club activities.
  • Ms. Amy Reynolds for helping with horse club activities.
  • Ms. Vickie Craig for helping with the horse club.
  • Mr. Bill Newman for helping with the horse club.

Volunteer of the Year - Ms. Alexis LaRoche

Donor Recognition - Justin Fellenbaum & Jessee Cooper
  • Amicalola EMC
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Dilbeck
  • Wal-Mart
  • Jasper Banking Company
  • Pickens Sportsman's Club
  • Mr. Robert Jeans of Yahoo Farms
  • Pickens County Progress
  • Dr. Craig Chester
  • Sheriff Donnie Craig
  • Todd Dobson
  • Jasper Kroger
  • Bargain Barn
  • Myra Kincaid and Motorola
  • Georgia Meat Goats
  • Wayne & Ann Sims
  • Hill City Farms
  • Big Springs Livestock
  • Pueblo Grill
  • The Horse House
  • R & R Body Shop
  • Blu-Box Dumpsters
  • Ace Hardware-Jasper
  • Ace Hardware-Marble Hill
  • Home Depot
  • Priest Recycling
  • Speedburger
  • Cassie Rasco
  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Jasper Jeep
  • NAPA-Jasper
  • Ingle's
  • Village Cleaners
  • Weeks Jewelry
  • Main Street Clothing
  • Sosebee Funeral Home
  • Sims Florist
  • Family Traditions
  • Tractor Supply-Canton
  • Bobbie Edge
  • Big Canoe Chapel-Women's Guild
  • Pickens County Master Gardeners
  • Big Springs Pumpkin Farm
  • Mountain City Auto Parts
  • Bo's Gun Shop
  • Beverly Wade
  • Lady Slipper Nursery
  • Nan's Hallmark
  • Jasper Pawn
  • R & R Trike
  • Jasper Carpets
  • Johnny's Pizza
  • The Carriage House
  • Dos Margaritas
  • Bigun's BBQ
  • Fatz
  • Mill Creek Family & Urgent Care
  • Becca's Jewelry Design
  • Victor's Nail & Tan
  • Davis BBQ
  • Bojangles
  • Roland Tire
  • Annie's
  • Bubba-Q
  • Abba Dabba Dawg
  • All South Copiers
  • A & T Towing
  • Jasper Farm & Lawn
  • Dominos
  • Cartersville Jewelry Exchange
  • Peking Garden
  • Fowler's Florist
  • Everyone who buys plants from our annual plant sale.

Donors of the Year - Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Young and Sacketts

Outstanding Leaderships Awards - Crystal Buckingham
Junior Level - Andrew Haygood
Senior Level - Katherine Kirby

Outstanding Achievement Awards - Amanda Rogers
Junior Level - Josh Fitts
Senior Level - Justin Fellenbaum

Outstanding Citizenship Awards - Travis Painter
Junior Level - Elizabeth Adams
Senior Level - Crystal Buckingham

Outstanding Community Service Awards - Lauren Cooper
Junior Level - Jeff Buckingham
Senior Level - Travis Painter

S.A.F.E. Team Recognigtion - David Miller and Rich Kumfert

Horse Club Recognition - Alexis LaRoche

Livestock Shows - Christy Sims & Lena Painter

Goat - Laura Baker Mary Baker, Renee Baker, Burton Blackmar, Marie Blackma, Lauren Cooper, Jay Dykes, Kaitlin Dykes, Nina Dykes, Josh Fitts, Camden Jones, Abigail Kelley, Alice Kirby, Austin Ledbetter, Jessica McAdoo, Kasey Nolan, Kristopher Nolan, Courtney Painter, Davon Painter, Travis Painter, Alex Pence, Thomas Roper, William Roper, Mason Sims, Bailey Stahlman and Taylor Stahlman

Pee Wee Showmen - Audrey Baker, Camille Baker, Noland Painter and Bayleigh Pence

Lamb - Lauren Cooper, Katherine Kirby, Courtney Painter and Davon Painter

Hog - Zach Adams, Courtney Chapman, Lance Chapman, Alice Kirby, Courtney Painter, Travis Painter and Mason Sims

Cattle - Luke Chastain

Judging Teams/Fair Recognition - Kim Fitts

Consumer Judging
Junior Level - Elizabeth Adams, Josh Fitts, Andrew Haygood, Alice Kirby and Courtney Painter
Senior Level - Crystal Buckingham, Christina Farron and Katherine Kirby

Poultry Judging
Junior Level - Jeff Buckingham, Josh Fitts and Alice Kirby
Senior Level - Timothy Crenshaw, Justin Fellenbaum, Katherine Kirby, Kasey Nolan, Kristopher Nolan, William Roper and Clay Wilkie

Livestock Juding
Junior Level - Alice Kirby and Courtney Painter
Senior Level - Lance Chapman, Timothy Crenshaw, Christina Farron, Katherine Kirby and William Roper

Fair Entries
Elizabeth Adams - 1st Place Handcrafted towels
Christina Farron - Various Canned Food Items & Photographs-Several 1st and 2nd place ribbons
Justin Fellenbaum - Canned Food Items-1st Place
Austin Ledbetter - Various Canned Food Items-1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons
Thomas Roper - Various Canned Food Items-1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons
William Roper - Various Canned Food Items-Many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins

Teen Leadership Recognition - Clarcy Kirby
Andrew Haygood, Lauren Cooper, Katherine Kirby, Kaitlin Dykes, William Roper, Travis Painter, Justin Fellenbaum, Amanda Rogers, Emily Hostetler, Josh Fitts, Elizabeth Adams, Camden Jones and Crystal Buckingham

Leadership In Action - Crystal Buckingham

Cloverleaf DPA Recognition - Clarcy Kirby

Lauren Austin - Harmony Elementary - Interior Design - 2nd Place
Laney Bledsoe- Pickens County Middle - Vet Science - 2nd Place
Caitlin Carlile - Jasper Middle - Vet Science - 1st Place
Amelia Clayton - Jasper Elementary - Between Meal Snacks
Briana Collins - Jasper Elementary - Photography
Allyson Dean - Jasper Middle - History
Kassie Dean - Jasper Elementary - Pork Production -1st Place
Nina Dykes - Pickens County Middle - Sheep & Meat Goats - 1st Place
Samantha Freeman - Hill City Elementary - Horse
Chase Garland - Harmony Elementary - Vet Science - 1st Place
Devin Grant - Jasper Middle - Outdoor Survival Skills 3rd Place
Parker Halbert - Jasper Middle - Horse
Tevis Hawkins - Jasper Elementary - Sports
Ariel Hayes - Pickens County Middle Health
Myrikel Hesseling - Jasper Middle - Performing Arts-General
Morgan Hicks - Hill City Elementary - Electric
Alice Kirby - Harmony Elementary - Dairy & Milk Science - 1st Place
Andrea Layne - Harmony Elementary - Performing Arts-Vocal
Amie Loudermilk - Hill City Elementary - Crafts
Trey Lunn - Hill City Elementary - Outdoor Survival Skills - 1st Place
Whitney Martinez - Harmony Elementary - Horse
Adam Massey - Harmony Elementary - Cat Care - 3rd Place
Hannah Morris - Harmony Elementary - Between Meal Snacks
Jamie Mulkey - Jasper Middle - Performing Arts-General - 3rd Place
Carter Nicholson - Jasper Middle - Pork Production - 2nd Place
Andrew Olsen - Jasper Middle Performing Arts-Instrumental 2nd Place
Courtney Painter - Tate Elementary - Sheep & Meat Goats - 1st Place
Olivia Ragano - Jasper Elementary - Outdoor Recreation - 3rd Place
Erin Rambler - Jasper Elementary - Cat Care
Brett Riley - Hill City Elementary - Power & Energy - 1st Place
Autumn Shores - Harmony Elementary - Performing Arts-Vocal
Madison Smith - Pickens County Middle Health - 3rd Place
Sierra Stanfield - Jasper Middle - History
Ashley Stone - Jasper Middle - Performing Arts-Vocal
Chloe Turner - Jasper Middle - Food For The Family 2nd Place

Junior/Senior DPA Recognition - Clarcy Kirby and Kim Fitts

Andrew Haygood - Companion Animal Science - 1st Place
Josh Fitts - Sheep & Meat Goats - 1st Place
Clay McArthur - Performing Arts-General - 1st Place
Elizabeth Adams - Crafts - 3rd Place
Jeff Buckingham- Outdoor Recreation - 3rd Place

Kasey Nolan - Poultry & Egg Science - 2nd Place
Amanda Rogers - Flowers, Shrubs, & Lawns - 1st Place
Justin Fellenbaum - Fruits, Vegetables, & Nuts - 1st Place
Crystal Buckingham - Human Development - 1st Place
Kristopher Nolan - Target Sports - 3rd Place
Christina Farron - Sheep & Meat Goats - 2nd Place
Travis Painter - Wildlife
William Roper - Dairy & Milk Science
State Winner Scholarships - Kyle Waters, Jasper Banking Company
Katherine Kirby presented with $500 scholarship

Amicalola EMC Scholarships ($100 each) - Don Quinton
Andrew Haygood - 1st Place Junior Winner in Companion Animal Science
Josh Fitts -1st Place Junior Winner in Sheep and Meat Goats
Clay McArthur -1st Place Junior Winner in Performing Arts-General
Crystal Buckingham -1st Place Senior Winner in Human Development
Justin Fellenbaum -1st Place Senior Winner in Fruits, Vegetables, & Nuts
Amanda Rogers -1st Place Senior Winner in Flowers, Shrubs, & Lawns

Jeanette Fleming Scholarships - Lonnie Waters, City of Jasper
Travis Painter, William Roper, Kristopher Nolan and Christina Farron each received $250 scholarship.

Betty Miller Scholarships - June McKenzie, President Pickens County Master Gardners
Crystal Buckingham received the $500 scholarship

Bonnie Ray Scholarships - Traci Buckingham
Katherine Kirby received the $500 scholarship

Marvis Dillbeck Scholarships - Rick Jasperse
Kasey Nolan, Justin Fellenbaum, and Amanda Rogers received $250 scholarship

12th Grade 4-H'er Recognition - Clarcy Kirby

Closing Remarks - Clarcy Kirbry

Prayer - William Roper

Adjorned by the 4-H Pledge - Kristopher Nolan

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Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
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