Community Resource Center Open House
Dedicated to the Memory of Cheryl Blankship ~ November 12, 2013 Share

The Community Resource Center hosted an open house with dedication of the Center in memory of Cheryl Blankinship.

The Center’s primary goal is to help individuals seek employment. GED courses will also be held at the Center.

Some of the remarks made by Dan Huth.
(see video below)

'For those of you who didn't know Cheryl, she lived a quiet, almost reclusive life. She cared deeply about the under-served...the homeless...the uneducated...the abandoned...hungry...cold.

Although she was living on the the barest of a subsistence income and didn't own a car, I personally drove her to this troubled person or that homeless family, loaded them into my car and took them to a motel where I watched Cheryl write a personal check to cover their shelter....then took her to a grocery where she bought them food.

Cheryl Blankenship
Photo by Dan Huth

Toward the end of her life, she received a windfall inheritance. Although we were close, I heard about it well after the fact from chatter on the street. Once I did find out about the money, I watched for the changes it would bring. And watched. But change never happened. Oh..she did break down and buy an old, reliable Honda, so she no longer had to ask me to take her grocery shopping. But she still bought her clothing and housewares at the Thrift Store. She still shopped at Fred's for this- - and Save-A-Lot for that, wringing each dollar for all it was worth before finally giving it up in a flurry of coupons.

Cheryl cared about the needy because she had been one. She once e-mailed me to report that she was participating in a "sleep-in" demonstration on the courthouse steps. She wrote that it wasn't that bad: "I've slept in worse places," she wrote. And she had.

She dreamed of a day when the under-served could walk into a place where they would find help writing a resume, learn what to expect during a job interview, take the first steps toward getting a G.E.D, in short—she dreamed of a place where a beaten, defeated person could dare to hope.

She was passionate about all of her missions. But she held a particular fire for education. This is taken word-for-word from one of Cheryl's e-mails to an educator friend:

"I know you care about the students in your program, and I know lives have been changed by your passion for education......

and no, not everyone is going to be recruited by NASA, but more of them will be able to read a bank statement, or more importantly, have a higher level of financial literacy so that they will be able to protect themselves from the predatory landlords and lenders that tend to prey on those who can't read very well and/or can't make the numbers "work" very well.....

when you're working for minimum wage, you don't need those kinds of's tough enough as it is.....

been there, done that.......

I've eaten enough ramen noodles to last several lifetimes..there wasn't enough money for, i don't eat meat because it's not good for me.......

but at least I can read the medication labels on the bottles, and I can read the nutritional information on the back of of the food that I buy......

so I figure I'm very, very lucky.....

functional literacy, life skills training, just the basic math skills.......

You've done wonderful things........and your passion shows in everything you do......

Thank you for everything you do......”

Cheryl Blankinship left a gift to Pickens County Charities of over $700,000.

Cheryl, thank YOU for everything you do'


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