Freedom Ride 2011 Kick Off Party for Jon & Ian Hudgens
at Pueblo Cantina on August 18, 2011

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Leaving Atlanta on August 26 and arriving in New York City on September 11.

The Freedom Ride 2011 is not a race. It is an experience that will challenge all of us physically, mentally and emotionally. For most of us, the tour means riding or supporting the riders for the duration. We start as a group and we finish as a group-we'll leave no one behind. Success is not necessarily about riding every mile, it is about riding every mile you can while remaining healthy and injury-free.

Freedom Ride 2011, FR11, is not about how fast we can go, but rather about how to ride as a group. The riders will work at their own pace and work together to keep the group a cohesive unit. The safety and health of the riders and support group is the first priority in achieving mission success.

Purpose: To honor fallen comrades, and their families, on the tenth anniversary of the attacks on America, September 11, 2001.

Mission: To assemble, launch, support and recover a 12-person bicycle team from the Buckhead Section of Atlanta, Georgia to Batterymarch Park in New York City in a safe and sure manner.
  • To assemble, fund and maintain a 12-person on-the-road rider support group
  • To maintain a method to track daily progress, condition and morale of the riders and support group personnel
  • To construct a documentary film and a written after action report by 29 December, 2011
  • To advertise and market the FR11 in order to inform the public from launch to recovery
  • To conduct an active fund-raising campaign to secure adequate funding for mission accomplishment and to use cost-effective methods for the expenditure of funds
  • To assemble a robust, self-sufficient tour group, composed of 12-riders and 12-support personnel, for day-to-day on-the-road management
  • To establish and maintain a base camp reach-back coordination group to support t on-the-road activities
  • To provide adequate food, fluids, fuel and facilities for the road group to ensure their safety and well-being

Stages/Legs/Days Itinerary:

Day 1 -26 August - Atlanta to Ellijay, Ga. - 95 miles
Day 2 - 27 Aug - Ellijay, Ga. To Cherokee, NC - 100 miles
Day 3 - 28 Aug -Cherokee, NC to Mt. Pisgah - 75 miles
Day 4 - 29 Aug -Mt. Pisgah to Little Switzerland, NC - 75 miles
Day 5 - 30 Aug - Little Switzerland to Glendale Springs, NC - 75 miles
Day 6 - 31 Aug -Glendale Springs, NC to Rocky Knob, Va. - 90 miles
Day 7 - 1 Sept -Rocky Knob to Peaks of Otter, Va. - 85 miles
Day 8 - 2 Sept - Peaks of Otter to Waynesboro, Va. - 85 miles
Day 9 - 3 Sept - Waynesboro to Culpepper Va. - 71 miles
Day 10 - 4 Sept - Culpepper to Washington, D.C. - 71 miles
Day 11 - 5 Sept - Rest Day in Washington, D.C.
Day 12 - 6 Sept -Washington to Denton, Md. - 72 miles
Day 13 - 7 Sept -Denton, Md. To Cape May NJ - 67 miles + [ferry trip]
Day 14 - 8 Sept - Cape May to Atlantic City, NJ - 47 miles
Day 15 - 9 Sept - Atlantic City NJ to Long Branch, NY - 82 miles
Day 16 - 10 Sept - Long Branch, NY to Batterymarch Park, NYC - 60 miles
Day 17 - 11 Sept - 9/11 Ceremonies
Day 18 - 12 Sept - Returning Home
Day 19 - 13 Sept - Returning Home

Video of Jon speaking and song performed by Stan Adams

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Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
Blaine, Hinton, Jasper, Ludville, Marble Hill, Nelson, Talking Rock & Tate GA

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