Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
in honor of Dr. Joe Wilber, Dr. John Spitznagel & Dr. Al Hallum
March 26, 2011

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Master of Ceremonies ~ Jack Schroder

Invocation by The Rev. Thomas Are

Dinner with Piano music by Sam Holmes

The Hon. Tom Graves presented by Carole Maddux
Dr. Kenneth Austin presented by Betty Wilkes
Jack Tarver, Jr. presented by Jack Schroder

Reading of Dr. McConnell Tribute by Mary Porter

Patient Video By Yonas Michael

Beth Glazebrook Watson introduced by Judge Brenda Weaver

Dr. Randy Martin introduced by Carole Maddux

Tribute to Drs. Wilber, Spitznagel and Hallum by Jack Schroder

Partners in Hope Presentation by Bob Ayres & Melinda Smith

Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center Facts:

  • Average of over 1180 visits/month in 2010
  • Total of 14,199 patients visited in 2010
  • 715 new patients in 2010
  • Over 7000 patients seen from April 2002 to present
  • Over 15,000 prescriptions dispensed/year in pharmacy and through drug assistance programs
  • Over 300 x-rays and ultrasounds performed a year
  • Over 41,000 hours given by volunteers in 2010
  • Over 425 volunteers in 2010