Taser Certification Training for Pickens County Sheriff's Office,
Jasper Police Department and Jasper Mayor John Weaver
March 29, 2011

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Taser Certification 'shocked' PSO, Jasper PD
and Jasper Mayor John Weaver
"It feels like someone is beating the hell out of you but when it's over it's over." - Chief Lovell

Seventeen officers from the Pickens County Sheriff Office and Jasper Police Department, along with the City of Jasper Mayor John Weaver, spent most of the day on March 29, 2011 in training to become Taser Certified. The certification is required by the departments to carry a Taser gun and includes firing it twice as well as being tased.

Sargent Jeff Duke from the Pickens County Sheriff's Office instructed the eight hour class and has been certified for five years from Taser International, Inc. with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The morning was spent with a PowerPoint presentation giving a complete overview of the gun, battery, different cartridges, safety precautions and shooting recommendations for the best distance, body location to target and people whom to avoid using a Taser.

The replaceable cartridges contain compressed nitrogen, two small probes, insulated conductive wires with varying length by cartridge and Afids that are circular confetti with imprinted serial codes. The end of the probes resemble a straightened out fishhook and contact is needed by both to make a connection. Cartridges are used only once but if contact is made, the gun can be discharged again to administer the electric current.

To administer the Taser for those in training, the probes were attached to EKG pads and participants endured only two seconds compared to the normal five seconds. There were a few officers that weren't required to participate due to medical issues. Mayor John Weaver described it as "The worst pain I've ever felt". Mari Livsey of KnowPickens.com wanted to experience the Taser, but Captain Sherman McEntire didn't allow this for liability reasons.

Consumer Taser models are available for those 18 and older and are legal to carry in Georgia along with 42 other states. The charge is relayed for 30 seconds in order to keep the attacker down and allow time to flee. Law enforcement versions allow five seconds. A felony background check is required before receiving the activation code.

While the PSO has been using Tasers for years, the Jasper PD will present its Taser Policy to the Jasper City Council on Monday night for approval before implementing them in the department.

Watch the video below to see training on firing the Taser as well as being tased.



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