Getting Out of the Box
Terri Walters with did just that and landed a role in Tater Patch Players September Production
July 10, 2011

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I did it! I stepped out of my box and did something I've always wanted to do. I auditioned for a play with the Tater Patch Players with moral support from Mari Livsey. We took off on Sunday afternoon to the new Tater Patch Theater and checked in at the stage with Nan Nawrocki who sent us straight upstairs. Somehow we missed the sign that was clearly posted on where the auditions were held.

I was expecting to be put on stage in front of a panel of judges and reading with a handsome, young, muscular actor who had years of experience. But much to my surprise, we ended up in a small room with very few people sitting, in an informal circle reading from the script. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with Kenneth Farmer and Christina Hill leading the group as Directors. This, too, is a first for them directing a play.

The play is called 'Epic Proportions' and it is a zany comedy about a director in the 1930's filming a biblical epic in the Arizona desert that includes a little Roman and Egyptian history. The focus of the movie is two brothers who are extras in the movie, but end up directing and starring due to the screwy director who quits. Of course, we can't forget about the love triangle between the brothers and Louise the supervisor of extras.

So, I guess you are wondering if I have a part? I do, and will be playing the part of Cochette, a French costume designer.

The moral of my story is that stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something a little out of the ordinary is not nearly as big and scary as it may seem. You never know what great part in life you will play if you just show up. Au revoir for now... until my next big adventure.

Video of Terri reading parts of Queen and Cochette

Terri Chastain Walters by Terri Chastain Walters

Epic Proportions by Larry Coen and David Crane


Narrator- Art Hunt
Conspirator 1- Alex Ray
Conspirator 2 - Tyler Roper
Conspirator 3 - Aaron Locatelli
Octavium - Skyler Denton
DeWitt - Dan Huth
Louise - Alecia Moore
Phil - Daniel Picklesimer
Benny - Chance Walters
Shel - Chelsea Burnes
Jack - Wayne Jewell
Slave Master - Marena Leonard
Roman General - Skyler Denton
Dancing Girl - Jessica Dailey
Queen - Ginger Rosen
Attendant - Lynn Mulkey
Guard - Tyler Roper
Cochette - Terri Walters
Assistant - Ellie Boothe
Brady - Alex Ray
Extras/The Mob/Egyptians/Etc. - Wrenna Unger, Jessica Dailey, Ellie Boothe, Terri Walters, Wayne Jewell, Skyler Denton, Lynn Mulkey, Marena Leonard, Chelsea Burnes, Alex Ray, Tyler Roper, Aaron Locatelli and Ginger Rosen

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Tater Patch Players production of Peter Pan


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