Jasper City Council Works Session August 2017


Jasper City Council Works Session August 2017



I. Call meeting to order/Comments by Council
- Downtown Transportation Study
- Dr. Carlton Wilson, Pickens County School Superintendent request to reverse the direction of Stegall Drive

II. Business

A. Perrow property committee (10:50)
- Jim Looney to form a committee

B. WingsOlogy Beer Truck during Sheriff's Jeepfest Show N' Shine Friday night event on Main Street. (16:23)
- It's not against City of Jasper ordinances to walk around with open containers as long as not inebriated.
- Wine Tasting at the Marble Festival
- Request for one day alcohol license

C. Lift station pumps (28:32)
- Liberty Lane station - High head pump purchase under 40K

D. Streets update (37:00)
- Resurfacing streets behind Chattahoochee Tech
- Rebecca Street between Frontier and Indian Forest needs maintenance and will be closed a few days.
- Duck Pond resurfaced and looking for a company to stripe parking lot
- Resurfacing bid coming out soon
- One bid submitted for repair of the Wood Bridge - $44,000
Mayor Weaver said, "The wood bridge is a mainstay in the City of Jasper."
Pay with SPLOST
- Change street signs in Jasper with capability in-house
- Traffic signals on Main Street / PHS Monument will stay
- August 2018 GA DOT start acquiring right a way. In January 2019 the work will start.
- Relocate water line at Hwy. 136 for new bridge if intersection is larger.

E. Dixie Street extension (57:42)
- Dr. Carlton Wilson, Pickens County School Superintendent requested to open it.
- Change of use of Old JES Gym for technology and storage.
- Patrolling Duck Pond & Resurfacing

F. Water source update (1:05:36)
- Not overpowered with thin water flow at Whitestone
- Gilmer County may have an aquifer
- Grandview Lake
- Twin Mountain Lakes

G. Paul Poore (1:10)
- Jasper Mania with Car Club Show

H. Golf tournament update (1:15:47)
Close to $9,000 Net
Rick Jeffares for Georgia running for Lieutenant Governor

- Cleaning out trees on Burnt Mountain Road

- JYSA Gym (Old JES Gym) (1:19:59)
Now JYSA can use other gyms (PHS & JMS)