Mountain Biking and Hiking Park in Talking Rock Open
Officially opens in January 2018


Mountain Biking and Hiking Park in Talking Rock Open


<a href='' target='_blank'>Master Vision Plan</a> (PDF)
Master Vision Plan (PDF)


Soft opening of Talking Rock Nature Preserve, a 220-acre park off Carnes Mill Road in Talking Rock on the west side of Highway 515. The free public park, owned by Southeastern Trust for Parks (STPAL), is nearing completion of the first 5 miles of trails optimized for mountain biking and hikers.

The video captures the enthusiasm of Bill Jones, STPAL President when he walks the trails that took six years to accomplish. The land was donated to STPAL in 2012 and a Master Vision Plan was created featuring different zones: biking and hiking, picnic and play, adventure course, disc course, and nature trail.

Initial funding has been provided by STPAL, but the public's assistance is needed to fund more trails, along with benches and signage. The cost to build one mile of sustainable trails is $25,000. Terry Palmeri, Associate Region Director IMBA-SORBA explains about sustainability in the video.

The public is encourage to get involved in making the park a success. Local Boy Scouts have built benches for the park and more are needed. Consider joining the group Friends of Talking Rock Park by contacting Will Tate, President at

The park will officially open in January 2018, but available for daylight use now. Please remember that bikers and hikers go in opposite directions and to follow the directional schedule below.

Clockwise on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Counterclockwise on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Every donation raised, regardless of the source, goes to the Talking Rock Nature Preserve Park building. STPAL is a 501-C-3 organization and your donation will be tax deductible based on your individual situation.

Find out more information on the park and to donate on the website, Facebook page or Click&Pledge.

Facebook video of mountain bikers on trail

Walter Bready and Brett Davidson at Talking Rock opting outside!

Posted by Talking Rock Nature Preserve on Friday, November 24, 2017