Honest Abe To Speak at Jasper UMC


Honest Abe To Speak at Jasper UMC

2/6/2018 ~ by Suellen Reitz

The President and First Lady of the United States will make an appearance February 19 at 7 p.m. right here in Jasper, Ga. at the Jasper United Methodist Church… well… not the current president, but the 16th… Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. A close second anyway. Lincoln, AKA Homer Sewell 111 and Mary, AKA Joan Britton will definitely have you rubbing your eyes to make sure you are not dreaming!

Homer S. Sewell III, a long time resident of Jasper, has been performing as Honest Abe for 42 years and has now performed in 47 states over 2200 times with more than 2 million people spell bound by his inspirational stories told in first person about his lookalike , the real Abe Lincoln.

This performance is particularly important to our local Abe. “I had planned to join the mission team from our church this June that will be going to Kenya, but due to health issues, my doctor advised against it”, Sewell explained. “The Log Cabin To The White House performance will be a way I can still participate here by helping them raise needed funds.”

Sewell began his Lincoln career accidentally when young children told him he looked just like Abe. After intensive studies of more than 250 books and articles, he began to weave the tales of Lincoln so believably, those in the audience feel as though they had traveled back in time.

“Abe” takes great pride in his ability to connect with his audience. “I love sharing the great stories about Lincoln. He was a gifted story teller and I am honored to retell his tales. I’m inspired to share with young and old alike the importance of never giving up… to pursue whatever it is they want to do with their lives… and more importantly to be proud of our country.”

Mission Chair Dex Phillips can’t wait for the performance. “Homer’s presentation, is motivational, inspirational, humorous and educational for ages 5-95, so bring everyone you know along with your camera to have an evening you’ll never forget.”

Doors open at 6:30 for the free performance of Lincoln and Mary. Donations will be accepted and used towards the many expenses of travel and supplies to be carried with the team. Immediately following the dramatization refreshments and photo opportunities with the famous couple will be available. And if that’s not enough to get you there, make sure you get your door prize ticket for a fantastic prize giveaway.

The Kenya team travels June 19-30. Plans are to visit a large orphanage in a Nairobi slum, work in the village of Obaga in the west of Kenya where Jasper UMC has established a relationship with a group of widows and their orphaned children. The team will help the local ladies build a house for one of their own, finance a two day free medical clinic at the local dispensary, help serve lunch to the local Primary School as part of JUMC's ongoing feeding program, and much more. If you are interested in traveling with them, it is not too late! Contact Dex Phillips for information: 470-203-9595