They're Cooking Again
Place your orders for Marble Valley Friends BBQ Chicken by April 20th


They're Cooking Again

4/15/2018 ~ by Lawton Baggs

The time draws nigh for Marble Valley Friends spring barbecue chicken fundraiser. The date for eating is Friday, April 27th; orders must be placed by April 20th. Meals will be served in the Old Tate Gym between 11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Takeout and delivery service (for 4 or more plates to the same location) will be available during the same hours.

The menu consist of 1/2 chicken, baked beans, slaw, bread, and cake. The chicken is slowly cooked over charcoal in the pit erected on the grounds of the Old Tate Gym. Cost is $8.00 per plate.

New grills have been purchased. Charcoal is stockpiled. Sauce is being prepared. Cakes are being baked. Other foodstuffs are being gathered. Workers are being recruited. What remains is the in-flow of orders.

Orders may be placed with any member of Marble Valley Friends. They may also be placed by calling Penny Davis at (770) 735-2564 or Lawton Baggs at (706)692-6598. Orders usually come in rapidly. MVF can prepare only about 500 plates. This is a popular twice yearly event that the sponsor enjoys and appreciates the community participation.

MVF is a historic preservation organization headquartered in Tate. Its main focus is the maintenance of the Old Tate Gym as a community resource. It is now beginning a project to develop a recorded verbal history of the area. Monies raised by the chicken barbecues help finance those efforts.

Remember the April 20th deadline for placing an order. On the 27th, come observe the cooking; see the historic pictures and exhibits inside the old gym; relive memories of other times there. Visit with friends (old or new) while enjoying your meal. Or, if rushed, pick up your plates for later. If you cannot be at the gym, MVF will get the meals delivered to you. Either way you will experience a good meal at a most reasonable price.

Let's do it!