Horseshoes by Day, Blue Suede Shoes by Night: Elvis at the Tater Patch Players Theater


Horseshoes by Day, Blue Suede Shoes by Night:  Elvis at the Tater Patch Players Theater

5/9/2019 ~ by Nan Nawrocki

This Saturday's guest performer at Tater Patch Players is a man of very diverse talents. Greg Burgess looks and sounds so much like the late Elvis Presley in his heyday.

When he first came to the theater one of the troupe's members was astounded at his resemblance to "The King". But far from being a distant "celebrity", Greg has a down to earth, mild-mannered style that is totally easy-going and approachable. Perhaps this is because this Pickens County native grew up on a farm with horses. He was fascinated when the local farriers showed up to shoe the horses.

The work of farriers -- maker and fitter of horseshoes -- goes back to the middle ages, when having horses shoed became common. The work of the farrier is a mix of hard, backbreaking labor and a deep knowledge of equine anatomy (and temperament). The farrier often has to choose a specialized shoe, depending on the hoof or gait issues a horse may have, or the type of work it performs. He understands how the hoof works to support the horse -- essentially horses are walking on their fingernails. Like your nails, horse hooves need care and attention to prevent damage and the right kind of shoes, properly applied, to keep it moving in top form.

After graduating from Pickens High School, Greg began a six year apprenticeship. He's been shoeing horses all around the northwest Georgia area for over thirty years.

Greg started performing 15 years ago after his father passed away. A nurse at the nursing facility mentioned to Greg that he favored Elvis and it stuck with him. He had been a fan of Elvis since he was 3 years old and decided that it was worth a try. He says that becoming an Elvis Tribute Artist was healing after losing his dad and now he can see the joy it brings fans of all ages. He developed his interest into an outstanding tribute show to the late King of Rock n' Roll.

He has rehearsed several times at our theater and it is everyone's opinion that he really KNOWS how to rock and roll. He will make all Elvis fans grin from ear to ear, and maybe win a few new ones.

Greg will be bringing the show to the Tater Patch Players Theater on May 11 at 7:30 PM. It's a great evening (and perhaps a Mother's Day treat?) Tickets are available at the door beginning one hour before the show, or in advance at Tickets are $18 for adults, $16 for seniors, and $14 for students.

The theater, at 95 Philadelphia Lane, has comfortable theater style seating, handicap access, and a nice range of adult and other beverages and snacks that patrons are welcome to take into the theater with them.

For questions about tickets and this, or any future, show, email the troupe at or call 706-253-2800 and leave a message with your phone number and what you'd like to ask.

If you’d like to hire Greg, please email