The Christmas Show of a Lifetime Opens June 14th


The Christmas Show of a Lifetime Opens June 14th

6/6/2019 ~ by Nan Nawrocki

A Christmas comedy is opening at Tater Patch Players on June 14, 2019. Director Jan Simpson and her team of Audrey Kirsten and Dovie Green watch rehearsals like hawks. Cues are given when there's a memory lapse, movement is refined on stage.

This cast of five -- Steve Lewis, Ellen Painter, Tyler Roper, Patrick Hall and Vanessa Stancil -- is working very hard to perfect each laugh, each gasped breath, even each tear.

"Greetings!" by Tom Dudzick, is a comedy like nothing you've ever seen. From the first time the Christmas lights blow a fuse to the magic at the final scene, you will laugh at the whole situation.

Grumpy Catholic father, sweet ever-patient mother, and their grown up son Mickey, who's a three-year old trapped in an adult body, are waiting the Christmas Eve arrival of Mickey's older brother, Andy. The parents are a little apprehensive, because Andy is bringing home a girl for the holidays. Girlfriend Randi is the unknown at the beginning of this play. "What kind of name is that?" says Dad. Mother is just anxious to meet the girl who has stolen her oldest son's heart. Mickey just wants to play with his wrestling figures.

When the family is all together, we start to learn more about each of them. Dad's baseball career was brought to an end by a drunken driver. His pronounced limp is an outward sign of his twisted outlook on the world.

Randi, an atheist Jewish girl, is not even a person he could have imagined in his narrow world. Randi is outgoing.... a little in-your-face, and doesn't fit into Phil Gorski's view of sweet young fiancées at all.

Just as things begin to get tenser, another character comes on the scene -- one from another place, or an astral plane, or maybe Mars. We speculate and wonder as we smile at his on-point pronouncements.

I won't reveal anymore of the plot because you should discover it yourself. It's easy to be swept into what we know couldn't possibly be happening and be totally enthralled with it all. This is not a "message" play. The values in the play are homespun and heartwarming. It's a thoughtful and hilarious play with no sex, drugs or violence -- just laughter and love. That's a rare treasure, and I urge you all to enjoy it at the Tater Patch Players Theater.

The performance dates are June 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30. The Sunday shows are at 2 PM and the others at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $18 for adults, $16 for seniors and $14 for students. Flex Passes can be used at this show also. Tickets may be bought in advance at or on the Tater Patch Players Facebook page.

The box office opens one hour before show time on each performance date and the theater is located at 95 Philadelphia Lane in Jasper, GA.