New Preserve at Sharp Mountain Website Portrays Harmony of Home and Nature


New Preserve at Sharp Mountain Website Portrays Harmony of Home and Nature

11/19/2019 ~ by Rick Harris - President, Sharp Mountain Preserve POA

The Preserve at Sharp Mountain, a 1,600-acre gated community in North Georgia's Pickens County at Jasper, has launched a new website at

The website portrays The Preserve as a community where home and nature are at harmony. The home page is titled, “For Those Called to the Mountains.” The site also offers an array of user-friendly features for property owners.

In addition to illustrating The Preserve’s lush environmental amenities that attract potential buyers of real estate and spacious homesites affording privacy, the website offers existing owners private access to the latest news and events taking place in the active community of more than 300 properties.

The site was unveiled to the community during a special June meeting of property owners. A period of owner comment and implementation of suggestions followed prior to the public launch. The June community meeting reflected an early and ongoing priority to encourage involvement and input by property owners in developing the website.

The project began as a property-owner-driven initiative in 2017 as a committee of The Preserve’s property owners association started discussions leading to creation of design and content specifications for a new website. The project progressed with selection of Opus Creo as the design team in December 2018.

Property owners provided extensive input to the site. An invitation from the website team to provide suggestions resulted in 70 ideas being submitted by property owners, some 74 percent of which were implemented at launch. Other suggestions are being evaluated further.

Property owners responded positively to an ongoing invitation to submit their own photos for use on the website, and as a result, some of the site’s most beautiful and prominent images were submitted by property owners.

As the website design neared completion, some two dozen property owners were invited to participate in two focus group sessions to evaluate the design and provide candid comment for further improving the site. The focus group sessions provided productive, positive feedback.