State Representative Rick Jasperse Seeks Re-election


State Representative Rick Jasperse Seeks Re-election

1/8/2020 ~ by State Representative Rick Jasperse

I am announcing that I will seek re-election to the Georgia House of Representatives District 11. House District 11 covers parts of Gordon and Murray counties and all of Pickens.

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege for me to represent the people of House District 11. I have enjoyed getting to know folks from Spring Place to Marble Hill and all areas in between. The miles I have put on my red truck show I have worked hard to meet and listen to and be accessible to as many people as possible (since 2010: 200,000 miles). I am always excited about the opportunity to meet new constituents, and to continue to provide a true conservative, conscientious, and effective voice at our State Capitol.

Experience matters at the Capitol, and I am glad our region has given me the opportunity to get that experience. It has allowed me to become effective in working on the issues that are important to our region. It has been important to me to cut your State income tax, eliminate the State income tax for Senior citizens, increase road funding, reclaim our Second Amendment rights, and get our teachers a raise, to list a few.

I must be very careful and responsible with State spending, because I am very aware that the money that we allocate is yours. I represent us.

I have the honor of being the Chairman of Education, member of the Agriculture, Appropriations, Health, Human Relations and Aging, Public Safety and Homeland Security, Higher Education, and Regulated Industries Committees. I am also the Chairman of Georgia’s School Safety Study Committee and the House Rural Development Council.

When you look at these committees, they are the ones that are important to our region; that is why I have chosen to be on them.

It has also been rewarding for me to be an active part of lots of other legislation that continues to make Georgia a great place to live and to make Georgia a place where job creators want to be.

I remain as accessible as I was while I was your County Agent for almost thirty years. I am easy to reach, as I have a super website that you'll find very citizen-friendly. You can find out a lot more about me. The site has an easy-to-use "Contact Rick" button where you can email me and find the links to many state and local agencies. I really do need to hear from the constituents I represent with advice and problem-solving ideas through emails, calls, and visits. Some of the best advice has been while standing in line while shopping or buying gas in our District. You can reach me easily through email at, our State Capitol phone number 404-656-7153, or at my home 770-893-2039.

Thank you for the honor of serving you. Please don't hesitate to contact me.*** COURTESY POST ***
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