Community Thrift Store to Re-Open


Community Thrift Store to Re-Open

10/7/2020 ~ by Dan Huth

Sharp-eyed bargain-hunters will once again be able to stalk the aisles of The Community Thrift Store in search of hidden treasures. The popular Pickens County institution will re- open for shoppers and donors from 10:00-1:00 on Friday, October 9th.

Acting General Manager Gordon Norman closed the store on September 19th when it was discovered that volunteers from the Timothy House might have come in contact with a fellow resident who tested positive for the Corona virus.

Gordon explained. "Although that volunteer never entered the store, and none of his co-volunteers tested positive, I felt it was necessary to close during the incubation period. Our first concern was to protect our volunteers and customers."

All residents and staff have been re-tested and are cleared to serve at the store. "That's welcome news for our donors and shoppers. We simply couldn't run the store without their help," he enthused.

Every new resident of Timothy House is tested upon arrival and checked for symptoms twice daily. Social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing protocols will continue to be strenuously enforced.

All the volunteer workers who make the Community Thrift Store possible are eager and happy to welcome you back!


9/19/20 - The Community Thrift Store is closed as an individual tested positive to COVID-19 who may have been in contact with store workers. The Store is closed to Donors, Customers and Workers for an estimated 14 days.