Pickens County Board of Education November 2020
Community input wanted on Proposed 2021-2022 School Calendar by Monday, November 30, 2020, at noon


Pickens County Board of Education November 2020
Pickens County 4-H presented floral arrangements to the members of the Board of Education.



I. Call to Order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Approval of Agenda
V. 4-H Recognition (Destini Shope, Director of Public Relations)
VI. Superintendent Reports
A. Financial Update (Amy Smith, Chief Financial Of cer)
B. Operations and Construction (Stacy Gilleland, Chief Operations Of cer)
C. COVID Guidance

D. 2021-2022 Pickens County School System Calendar (Dr. Rick Townsend, Superintendent)
Parents, staff, students, and community are invited to provide input into the proposed school calendar for 2021-2022.
**Calendar Input survey will close on Monday, November 30, 2020, at noon.**

Pickens Schools proposed 2021-2022 Calendar [ PDF ]

Here are some key points regarding the proposed calendar:

* The proposed calendar provides 180 total days of instruction for students.
* The first day of school will be August 2, 2021.
* We will utilize a 2-day staggered start (details will be provided in the Spring) for 2021-2022.
* The last day of school will be May 27, 2022.
* Graduation will be May 27, 2022.
* We will maintain Labor Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holidays.
* We will provide one designated digital learning day each semester for students (one on Friday, September 3 (Jeep Fest), and the second one on Monday, March 14 (Mid-Semester)

VII. Action Items
A. Approval of Financial Reports
B. Approval of Personnel
C. Policies for Final Board Approval
1. Policy GAAA - Equal Opportunity Employment -Request for Approval
2. Policy GAEB - Sexual Harassment of Employees - Request for Approval
3. Policy JAA - Equal Educational Opportunities - Request for Approval
4. Policy JCAC - Sexual Harassment of Students - Request for Approval
5. Policy JGC - Student Health Services - Request for Approval
6. Policy JGCD - Medication - Request for Approval
D. Approval of Amendment to the 2020-21 Pickens County Schools Student Code of Conduct
E. Approval of MOU with Valdosta State University
F. Approval of Student Teaching Letter of Agreement with Western Governors University
G. Approval of Natural Gas Contract for 1 Year
H. Approval of Change Order #1 at Pickens Junior High School - PAC
I. Approval of Change Order #1 at Pickens Junior High School - Phase IIB
J. Approval of Minutes
VIII. Board Comments
IX. Adjourn