Re-elect Sonny Proctor to your Jasper City Council
Early voting for the November 2nd election starts October 12th at the Robert P. Jones Recreation Center.


Re-elect Sonny Proctor to your Jasper City Council
Sonny Proctor, M.D.

11/1/2021 ~ by Sonny Proctor, M.D.

Five short years ago I began my tenure on the Jasper City Council. After winning a special election for an unfilled term, I was re-elected in 2017 for a full four-year term. I do what I say I am going to do and the last time my campaign centered around several key elements:

► Reorganize our local Government to better serve the businesses and citizens of Jasper.
We accomplished this when we separated the City Manager and Mayor positions, hired a professional City Manager, and completely reworked how we operate our city. Everything. Separation of funds, benefits, job descriptions, fleet management, others! We are now a city of planning, action and follow through!

► Create a vision for Main Street Revitalization
Patience is key, but we are accomplishing this now with projects like Stegall funded by private/public partnerships, new businesses, and ordinances to help support a bustling downtown and encourage tourism. We have a new Downtown Development Authority, new parking, and strategic planning is being vetted to protect our downtown. This will spill over to all our businesses!

► Partner with other organizations for the betterment of our community
This includes the Chamber of Commerce, equal partnership on Economic Development with the county, better partnership with our county around infrastructure projects, the airport, and soon hopefully recreation. We have also improved our relationship with the Northwest Regional Commission, the Department of Community Affairs, the Limestone Valley Conservation District, the EPD, DOT, USDA, Georgia Municipal Association and with all other offices and branches of the state government as well. Many of these relationships had deteriorated over the years.

► Develop consistent guidelines for selective economic development
We rewrote our Planning and Zoning ordinances, and have held the line, which has resulted in lower density on some key projects. We are currently in a residential rezoning moratorium reworking our residential ordinances to better serve our community. The rules are in black and white, and everyone must follow them. A detailed application process, building standards, all new. To imply that we have favorite developers or some good ole boy system is just not true. The old way is gone!

► Engage more young leaders in our community to help build our future.
We have done this on our council, on our Downtown Development Authority and on our Planning and Zoning Commission. The future of our community is in the hands of our young leaders! This has all been done for the young people!

Though there is even more that we have accomplished, what is most exciting is what we have in store! Keep the team together so we can keep Jasper and Pickens moving in the right direction! Those who know me know I do what I say I am going to do!

Here is what we will do:

► Continue to service our infrastructure.
Monies have now been appropriately divided, and we have the resources to begin improvement of our long-neglected infrastructure. We will also be modernizing and doubling our wastewater treatment facility with an 8.1-million-dollar grant/loan from the USDA. All we need in EPD approval of our plans, which is eminent. And we will continue to source water and invest in it!

► SPLOST 2020 funding is for Public Safety, Park and Recreation, and infrastructure projects.
Hard earned SPLOST dollars already accumulating. We are talking planning a new facility for public safety, Parks and Rec projects like trails at Doris Wiginton, development of the South Main Street green space, and a possible 2-million-dollar DOT Trailhead Grant for North Main. Also, public restrooms on North Main! Infrastructure projects like storm water and engineered solutions for our key emergency projects! And SPLOST 2014 funding for sidewalks!

► We will do everything in our power to encourage good growth.
We want balance with reasonable density and much need housing for our area, our infrastructure, our schools, and do what we can to support the wishes of our community. Much of this is landowner and developer driven, but we will continue to fight to make our community be what you want it to be!

In me you have a proven leader, a family man of faith, honesty, and integrity. I believe in Home Rule as described in our Charter and protected by the Constitution of the State of Georgia, which I am sworn to obey, as I am the Constitution of the United States of America. I also believe in due process. These fundamental beliefs are mirrored by the other members of our team. We always try to do the right thing for the right reasons. Keep a great team together!

And now, some big THANK YOUS!

THANK YOU! to my past supporters over the last whirlwind five years for all your help and for allowing me to serve our community!

THANK YOU! to my dear wife, Karen, and my son Folsom for their support as well. I could not have done this without you both!

THANK YOU! to Mayor and Council, and city staff for the hard work and dedication you have put in to make the changes we have made together.

Finally, THANK YOU! Dear Lord for the comfort you give me. You have allowed me to stand up to lies and even hate thrown at me. You give me the strength to carry on and make the tough decisions I must sometimes make as a leader.

Sonny Proctor, M.D.

▪ Over twenty-five years of leadership and community involvement in Pickens County
▪ Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
▪ Pickens County High School Football team physician 15 years
▪ Years of Medical Staff leadership, including President of the Medical staff, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer
▪ Former Vice President Piedmont Healthcare
▪ Past Chairman of the Board Pickens County Chamber of Commerce
▪ Chairman Chamber of Commerce Executive Hiring Committee
▪ Co-Chair Economic Development Hiring Committee
▪ Co-Chair City of Jasper Planning and Zoning Committee
▪ Co-Chair City of Jasper Water and Sewer Committee
▪ Board Member Pickens County Veteranís Memorial Park

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