Ryan O’Dea Running For Jasper City Council


Ryan O’Dea Running For Jasper City Council

10/22/2021 ~ by Ryan O'Dea

My name is Ryan O’Dea, I am asking for your support in running for Jasper City Council post 1.

Here is a little about me. I have lived in Jasper for 20 years and for good reason, I love this city and its small-town feeling. I have two kids that were born and being raised here in Jasper. I have been a volunteer Firefighter in the city for 15 years. I am also a small business owner here in Jasper that has been in business for 3 years now. I know about the hardships the small business, and citizens of Jasper are facing.

I vow to be your voice as a public servant. You have a right to be heard and I will be that person. I will work with the citizens of Jasper along with the businesses that are a huge part of the resources the city needs. I vow to improve the infrastructure of the city including the parks, public serve, and water/sewer system.

When elected I will concentrate on improving the public service, helping the local businesses not just downtown, developing our Commercial and Industrial areas, Parks, and fare pay.

I will work with the many locals businesses within the city limits to build a far and functional zoning map. Forcing business into a downtown “entertainment district” is not the way to influence future business to come to Jasper. The buildings in downtown are old and historic. Its cheaper for in coming businesses to buy and build a building to there liking in an area that is easier accessible such as off 515. I envision downtown being a quite place with cafes, shops and some local restaurants while having an “entertainment district” in a location that can be easily accessed, will not create issues with residential communities (traffic, noise, etc.) and can be attractive to local and chain type commercial companies.

Developing Commercial and Industrial zone to create more jobs for locals and revenue for the city. We need to concentrate on building good commercial presents on 515. Make central part of Jasper nice residential homes, small subdivision with plenty of green space, while developing 515 into commercial and industrial zones. Jasper does not need more massive subdivision; our infrastructure can’t handle it.

Improving the Public Service. Currently the Jasper Fire Department has 3 fire trucks, 2 of which are 20+ years old. The current ISO PPC rating is 5 and a new audit is coming up presenting a possible increase in that PPC rating which is going to hit each and every one of use in the pocket book (insurance rates going up). The PPC was reviewed with the council four years ago and none of the recommendations have even been considered putting everyone at risk due to increased response times and inadequate equipment.

Parks are a mess. The parks are overgrown, not maintained, no fun for kids and boring. On top of all that the council wants to cram an Amphitheater downtown next to residential housing. An amphitheater is a great idea but it can be placed in a better area that won’t cause noise, traffic, or parking issues.

Proctor promised a lot of things during his last election campaign but what he has done since is sell out Jasper. He has brought nothing to Jasper except large clear-cutting subdivisions and an infrastructure that is outdated and falling apart. Jasper is capable of be prospers while keeping that small town feel but the direction Jasper is going needs to be changed immediately or its going to go in a direction that no one wants.

Vote Ryan O’Dea for City Council Post 1 on Nov 2nd

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