Easter Gospel Song Fest Brings Bible Times To Life At CTS


Easter Gospel Song Fest Brings Bible Times To Life At CTS

4/11/2022 ~ by Suellen Reitz

As we approach the celebration of Easter at the end of this week, many may believe that it will be over after Sunday. For believers, we know Easter Sunday is just the beginning.

Volunteers of Pickens Community Thrift Store support that belief and wish to share the joys of Easter with the community at our first annual Easter Gospel Song Fest which will be held on Saturday, April 23 behind the store located at 110 Samaritan Drive, from noon-5:00 p.m. The store will remain open until 4:00 for visitors to shop indoors if desired.

The festival will feature live Christian music of gospel to contemporary and a little in-between. Songs heard will be old time favorites and a few originals and all of it will be music to the ears. The musical entertainment is the highlight of the day, but by no means all of it. The entire festival will be staged as though visitors have traveled back in time to visit the Jerusalem marketplace as it would have been in the days of Christ.

All volunteers of the store will be dressed in Biblical attire and the marketplace will be staged as realistically as possible to capture the spirit of the event. Street vendors will be setup "selling their goods" for the price of a "gold coin or jewel". Be prepared to barter for your purchases as it would be at any marketplace of the times. Shoppers will find delectable food samples of that era as well as plenty of trinkets and bobbles for all. Kabobs will be hot off the grill and of course hot dogs and burgers for the less adventuresome.

Bible creatures will be there to pet and pose for a snap shot in our kid friendly petting zoo. A special thanks to folks from the Cowboy Church for providing the livestock and handlers! Come see miniature horses, goats and their kids, chickens and more. It’s sure to bring a smile on everyone's face.

Local non-profit groups will also be present to share their visions of help for our community. Take time and visit and learn what great things are happening in Pickens County.

Perhaps you wonder about the coins and jewels. Be advised that our tax accessor will be present along with his Roman Guard to refund you a bag of coins and jewels as a gift from Cesar. Spend it wisely! Additional coins and jewels may be purchased for a trivial amount should you need more.

Thrift Store President, Terry "Sarge" Bishop, came up with the idea of a Biblical marketplace with song because he wanted the store to do something extra special for the community.

"To my knowledge, a Biblical reenactment setting like this has never been done outside of a church setting," he explained. "Easter and what it represents comes to life in this environment. We want everyone to experience that.
We hope to have a big crowd, so parking is being extended to the CARES parking lot and Good Sam Clinic. We will have a hayride shuttle to bring guests to our entrance point", he added.

Mark your calendars now and tell your friends. This is a great family fun filled day that will make lasting memories for all. Remember…Easter is never over. Come experience our Easter Gospel Song Fest, and share the joy.