Jasper Farmers Market Report


Jasper Farmers Market Report
Fall is in the air at the market!

9/22/2022 ~ by Xavier Chatagnier

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Jasper Farmer's market last Saturday. This is an in-between season for the farmers but there was still a lot of produce to be had. I was able to score red okra, potatoes, butternut squash, small pumpkins, beans, peppers, an eggplant, purple hull peas, cherry tomatoes, large slicing tomatoes, eggs, basil, muscadine grapes, figs and even a watermelon. Not bad for the in between season!

I met two new vendors at the market. CJ Gober had a truck load of pumpkins, butternut squash and a few watermelons. We also met Keith Winter who sold beautiful blue bird houses. Each one is unique and prettier than the next one.

Most of our farmers come from different walks of life. Among our farmers and vendors, we have a senior judge, several IT specialist, an ER doctor, a couple of real estate agents, a retired CEO , financial analysts, electricians, a Chief technology officer, a nurse, a few school teachers, a chef and a beauty queen.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! I love going to the market and talking with all of the farmers and vendors, you just never know who you are going to meet. Last week, the tall farmer with a pick up truck load of pumpkins handed me his card as I carried away 12 butternut squash, CJ Gober, Senior Judge.

Zach Henson sold beautiful purple, red and white potatoes, figs, beans, decorative corn and gourds, fig preserves, purple hull peas and cherry tomatoes.

Kenneth Childers had red and green okra, potatoes, beans and peppers.
Earth Folk Farms had eggs, basil, peppers, eggplant, flowers, Malabar spinach, cherry tomatoes and flowers.

Jenny Fellenbaum sold okra, Muscadines, peppers and basil.
Cj Gober had a pick up truck of small pumpkins in a variety of colors, butternut squash and a few watermelons.

A few farmers also sold muscadines.

Smoky Mountain Produce, Steve and Becky Alexander, sold slicing tomatoes and grape tomatoes too, hydroponic lettuce, microgreens, heirloom winter squash, and garlic. Steve says that though the tomatoes are slowing down he still anticipates more next week. I made a killer salad using his grape tomatoes and radish microgreens.

Sweets, Treats and Bread
Vivian Tritt had some fantastic sorbet last Saturday (as always). This weekend she plans on scooping Gumdrop Grape, Vanilla and her classic Georgia Peach. Her Gumdrop Grape sorbet is made with these outrageously tasty specialty grapes. I can't wait, this isn’t grape juice this is the real deal and super tasty. Vivian also has a large variety of to-go flavors that are solidly frozen and will last in your cooler a long time. She even has doggie sorbet for the motley crew.

Antonia Guerra sold fried pies, whole pies and breakfast pies. She also often has hot chocolate.

We have some Mennonite bakers that also sold pies, cookies and other sweets.
I sure missed Kim’s Kitchen and Bo’s Dog treats this past week. Hopefully they will be there this Saturday.

Sgt. Peppers makes the best pepper jelly you have ever had. They grow organic peppers to make this outrageously good pepper jelly. I squirrel it away for unexpected company but it is really good on pork or chicken. Every year I buy it to add to my Christmas gifts.

Tony Pisconeri once again sold out before 11 am. He had his amazing biscotti, sourdough boules, pizzetties, rolls and more. I often pre order so I can sleep in and still get his bread. Tony’s savory pies have to be preordered by Wednesday. His spinach mushroom pie is beyond fabulous.

Arts and Crafts
Christmas and the holidays are around the corner so now is the time to gather the best of the market.

Keith Winter is our newest talent at the market. His bluebird houses are gorgeous and practical too. They are a work of art.

Dan Brown has returned from an amazing 2 month trip out west. Dan is an exceptional wood worker, making everything from gorgeous cutting boards, games, rolling pins, toys and more. You name it, Dan can make it. He is always on my Christmas list.

Cathy, The Bee Sisters, can out sew just about anyone. Her aprons are beautifully sewn and each one unique. Though I have already bought a few for gifts, I spotted several holiday aprons that are on my wish list. She also makes baby bibs, lavender sachets and much more.

Bethanie Gilbride is a true macrame artist. Her work is just flawless. Bethanie makes a variety of macrame plant holders, to key chains and bags.
Richard Neal creates beautiful outdoor furniture. Irene Neal has the Pie Company in town.

L&T makes bracelets for charities. Her bracelets are fun and cute too.
The Jasper Farmers Market tends to have more vendors than farmers this time of year. So we can have our cake and gifts too.

Knife Sharpening
Tony Whitfield sharpens knives and just about everything while you shop. I am truly spoiled by his services. He sharpens garden tools, scissors, clippers, chainsaw blades, and yes, knives. He is located at the back end of the market near the bridge. We just drop our knives off, he sharpens while we shop.

Market Schedule
The Jasper Farmers Market will be closed October 1st for the Marble Festival. So I guess I better stock up on my sorbet and bread!

This Saturday, the 24th the market will still open at 730 am - Noon. The market is closed only on Saturday the 1st. Starting on October 8th - December 10th the market will open at 9 Am-1 pm. It will give the farmers a chance to set up in the daylight hours (and us to sleep in).

The Jasper Farmers Market is located at 502 Veterans Memorial Blvd across from the old middle school. Everything at the market is homegrown and locally made.

The Santa Paws for the Cause tent will be set up October 8 - December 10th. All proceeds benefit the local Pickens Animal Rescue Ranch and Be Paws We Care. The Santa Paws 4 the Cause sells plants, seasonal décor and more. It is a great charity for our Pickens Animal rescue. Consider visiting their tent and buying a treat for someone.

Autumnal Equinox September 22nd. Rosh Hashanah starts September 25th.

Eat Local and Shop Local!