Wedding Bells Ring At North Georgia Pregnancy Center


Wedding Bells Ring At North Georgia Pregnancy Center


3/22/2012 ~ by Ralph C. Barker, Development Director, North Georgia Pregnancy Center

Usually, the North Georgia Pregnancy Center is not known for weddings, but rather for pregnancy tests, sonograms, diapers, wipes, counseling, and other related activities. On February 1, 2012, there was a great exception to the norm. There was a wedding.

Two clients from the Center, Travis Chumbley and Treasure Mills, were going to have a baby sometime in February. They wanted to do what was right both for them and the soon-to-arrive baby Bella. They wanted to get married and weddings can be quite expensive. The Pregnancy Center encouraged them by paying for their marriage license.

When a client couple wants to get married, the Pregnancy Center will try to help them. If they will submit to premarital counseling, the Center will pay for their marriage license and help them find a minister if they donít have one.

In the case of Travis and Treasure due to the imminent arrival of their baby, the staff of the Center offered to help make their dream come true right away. The initial idea was simple. The couple agreed to tie the knot at the Pregnancy Center with just the staff in attendance. It would be quick and easy. But, something happened and the plans changed.

The couple and the staff got really excited about the upcoming ceremony and then the wedding plans grew. Before long a church was booked, musicians were selected, and photographers were arranged. Also, a lovely reception of delicious food was coordinated by the Centerís bookkeeper, Harriet Stroh.

In addition, a wedding cake was ordered and donated. The flowers for the bride, bridesmaid, groom and groomsmen were bought and made by Jackie Elliott, one of the Centerís counselors. There were no costs to our clients. The North Georgia Pregnancy, Pleasant Hill Christian Church in Jasper, and everyone involved volunteered their resources, time, and skills to make this special event happen.

When the wedding service began on Wednesday night, February 1st, there were dozens of people in attendance including family, friends, and staff of the Center. The service was held at Pleasant Hill Christian Church. Rev. Ralph Barker, Development Director for the North Georgia Pregnancy Center officiated.

The Assistant Director of the Center, Patricia Page, being a professional wedding planner, attended to all the details. The daughters of Bill and Jackie Elliott and their friends supplied a stringed quartet. Susan Barker, wife of Rev. Barker, was the solo vocalist. The photographers were Matt Coleman and Jennie Willis, daughter of Diane Fowler, manager of the Angel Babies store. The brideís hairstyling was donated by Hollywood FX.

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