City of Jasper Georgia Council Meeting - April 4, 2016
Jasper City Hall
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HIGHLIGHTS (time in meeting):

- Jasper Police Department Chief Greg Lovell addresses the 'Cop gets physical for shopping cart racing in walmart' video - (1:13)

- ALDI is NOT coming to Jasper at this time, Drive In Movie Theater is progressing; Movie/TV productions (57:49)

- Pickens County Georgia Sheriff's Office Donnie Craig donated $5,000 from Sheriff's Jeepfest to JYSA. $140,000 donated to local charities (8:50)

- Speed bumps on Ridgewood Road discussion - tabled until next month's meeting. (15:56)

- Jenna, 61 Main spearheading an upscale invite-only 'farmers market' for Wednesday evenings starting in May. To be held in greenspace area (Old Roper hospital location). (48:36) - Annual Fishing Rodeo on Cove Creek on May 12-14. (5:56)

Youth Leadership Pickens Attended Meeting
Council and Mayor with Sydney Romine and Tucker Green, Pickens Youth Leadership participants.


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adopt agenda
  5. Read minutes of March 7, 2016 regular meeting
    1. Lisa Hoyle
  6. Old Business
    1. none
  7. New Business
    1. Pickens County Sportsman’s Club
      1. Walt Cagle
    2. Sheriff’s Department donation for JYSA
      1. Sheriff Donnie Craig
        Pickens Sheriff Donnie Craig donated $5,000 to City of Jasper that will go to JYSA.
        $5,000 was donated from the proceeds from JEEPFEST to the City of Jasper for JYSA.

    3. Pump purchase for Indian Forest
      1. David Hall
    4. Speed breakers
      1. Mayor Weaver
    5. Asphalt spreader purchase
      1. Mayor Weaver
    6. Asphalt spreader trailer purchase
      1. Mayor Weaver
    7. Asphalt Roller/Compactor purchase
      1. Mayor Weaver
    8. Line repair Hunter’s Ridge
      1. Mayor Weaver
    9. Contract payable – Lee Mullins
      1. Mayor Weaver
  8. Mayor's Report
    1. Economic Development Report
      1. Gerry Nechtvatal, Economic Development Director
    2. Finance Report
      1. Lisa Hoyle, Finance Director
    3. Animal Control Report
      1. Lonnie Waters
    4. Police Report
      1. Chief Greg Lovell
    5. Fire Report
      1. Chief Steve Roper
  9. Adjourn