City of Jasper Georgia Council Meeting - August 10, 2015
Jasper City Hall
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  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adopt agenda
  5. Read minutes of July 13, 2015 regular meeting
    1. Lisa Hoyle
  6. Old Business
    1. City Park baseball fields repair contractor approval
      1. Mayor Weaver
    2. Second reading ordinance amendment land use permits
      Amend Article V, Section 94-81 District Standards and Permitted uses.
      Add: Airport and Airport Services with hangers and fuel to Permitted uses Sec 94-81 as C-2 (General Commercial) and M-1 (General Industry)
      1. Attorney Bill Pickett
      2. Sonny Underwood, Planning and Zoning Director
  7. New Business
    1. JYSA contribution
      1. Mayor Weaver

      2. JYSA contribution
        $6,000 given to Jasper Youth Sports Association (JYSA)
        from proceeds from the Mayor's Golf Tournament.

    2. Report from Planning Commission
      1. Tim Ghorley
    3. Cove Creek dredge
      1. Ben Turnipseed
    4. Revision of asset capitalization policy
      1. Lisa Hoyle
    5. Resolution GMA lease extrication equipment
      1. Lisa Hoyle
    6. Reduced water/sewer rate application
      1. Lisa Hoyle
    7. SPLOST project No. 2015-003 striping contractor approval
      1. Lonnie Waters
    8. Hood Park road acceptance
      1. Lonnie Waters
  8. Mayor's Report
    1. Economic Development Report
      1. Gerry Nechtvatal, Economic Development Director
      PORT ROYAL WATER RESORT UPDATE: Recent changes to the Georgia Tourism Development Act has eliminated tax refunds from hotel/motel revenues. The project was originally conceived with this tax incentive and this changes the dynamics that investors have to consider. There is hired staff working on the project trying to put all the pieces together. (50:30)
    2. Finance Report
      1. Lisa Hoyle, Finance Director
    3. Animal Control Report
      1. Lonnie Waters
    4. Police Report
      1. Chief Greg Lovell
      Updated the council on the SaveALot investigation that is being lead by the GBI with city detectives assisting. Two white males entered the SaveALot grocery wearing a hoodie and a hat with one carrying a baseball bat and other a handgun. They took approximately $3,500 cash. There is no video footage and police response time was 28 seconds. (59:50)
    5. Fire Report
      1. Chief Steve Roper
  9. Adjourn