Nelson City Council

Location:Nelson City Hall
Start Date:12/3/2018
Start Time:7:00 PM
Description:1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Agenda Approval
5. Approval of Minutes
a. November 26th, 2018 Work Session Minutes
6. Department Reports
a. Mayor (Sylvia Green)
b. Police Report (Lt. David Simmons, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.)
7. Unfinished Business
a. Discuss and vote on 24 Spring Street bid
b. Discuss and vote on payment for 24 Spring Street _ SPLOST 2
c. Discuss and vote on LMIG 2019 Grant Application
d. Community Christmas Event support
e. Pickens County Tax Update
8. New Business
a. Discuss and vote on change the City’s Financial Institution
b. Discuss and vote on draft 2019 Capital Improvement Program budget amendment
c. Discuss and vote to move SPLOST 3 CD’s to SPLOST 3 account
9. Public Appearance
10. Adjourn