Jasper City Council

Location:Jasper City Hall, 200 Burnt Mountain Road, Jasper
Start Date:5/6/2019
Start Time:6:00 PM

I. Call meeting to order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Read minutes of the April 1, 2019 regular meeting
A. Lisa Hoyle
VI. Old Business
A. City dog park - recognize Kyle Brock
1. Lonnie Waters
B. Update on alcohol referendum – Sunday early sales
1. Brandon Douglas
C. Planning/zoning commission ordinance – second reading
1. Brandon Douglas
D. Building department assistance – Clark Patterson Lee
1. Brandon Douglas
VII. New Business
A. City lighting
1. Jackie Dunn
B. Chamber update
1. Amberle Godfrey
C. Peace Park
1. Brandon Douglas
D. Peace Park reservation – PACA
1. Brandon Douglas
E. Lee Newton Park – special permit
1. Brandon Douglas
F. Request for special called meeting
1. Landbridge Development, LLC
G. Election qualifying days
1. Brandon Douglas
H. Building Department services
1. Brandon Douglas
I. Hwy 515 development
1. Brandon Douglas
VIII. Executive Session
A. Consultation with legal counsel pertaining to pending/threatened litigation
1. Attorney David Syfan
IX. Mayor’s Report
A. Finance Report
1. Lisa Hoyle
B. Roads/Other Report
1. Lonnie Waters
C. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
D. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper
X. Adjourn