Nelson City Council

Location:Nelson City Hall, 1985 Kennesaw Ave., Nelson, GA
Start Date:1/6/2020
Start Time:7:00 PM

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Swearing in of Newly Elected Officials

5. Agenda Approval

6. Approval of Minutes
December 2, 2019

7. Department Reports
a. Police Report (Lt. David Simmons, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.)
b. Mayor’s Report (Mayor Sylvia Green)
c. Finance Report
**Update on fund transfers for FY 2019**

8. Unfinished Business
a. Discuss Ordinance Violation Procedures
b. Discuss the replacement of Street Signs
c. Discuss and Vote on moving Public Appearance to #7 (before Unfinished Business)
d. Discuss and Vote on adding additional Security Cameras

9. New Business
a. FY 2019 Audit Report (Welch, Walker & Associates
b. Discuss and Vote – Copier Lease
c. Discuss and Vote – Payment of Bills
Maxis Engineering – SPLOST
Welch, Walker & Associates - Audit

10. Executive Session – Personnel

11. Public Appearance

12. Adjourn