Jasper City Council

Location:Meeting held via Zoom
Start Date:8/3/2020
Start Time:6:00 PM
Description:Via Zoom

I. Call meeting to order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Approve amended minutes of June 25, 2020 Work Session/Special Called Meeting & July 13, 2020 Regular Council Meeting
VI. Old Business
A. Final consideration and approval of Ordinance No. 2020-20 for a request to rezone and Ordinance No. 2020-21 for annexation of Parcel No. JA17 012 & JA17 011 at 274 & 250 Robin Road to C-2 into the City of Jasper
1. Brandon Douglas
VII. Public Hearing
A. Request to close and abandon a portion of rights-of-way of Old Mullins Road as it is contained within Parcel No. 031 003 002
1. Brandon Douglas
VIII. New Business
A. Consideration of closing, abandoning and quit claiming a portion of rights-of-way of Old Mullins Road as it is contained within Parcel No. 031 003 002 to the abutting property owners in accordance with Resolution No. 2020-06.
1. Brandon Douglas
B. Consideration and approval of Resolution No. 2020-07 for the City of Jasper to execute an Intergovernmental Installment Sale Agreement with the Jasper Downtown Development Authority along with the other necessary documents for the refunding of existing debt including but not limited to Bond Resolution Agreement and Financing Agreement and for the Mayor to execute said documents with final consent and approval of City Attorney.
1. David Syfan
2. Brandon Douglas
C. Consideration and approval of establishing depository accounts for the necessary bond refunding and to mirror the signature cards with that of the existing accounts
1. Brandon Douglas
D. Consideration and approval of Resolution No. 2020-08 for the City of Jasper to accept the Coronavirus Relief Fund Grant Agreement as provided through the CARES Act and for the Mayor to execute any and all documents relating thereof for the reimbursements relating to COVID -19.
1. Brandon Douglas
E. Consideration and approval of remote work stations (i.e. laptops, tablets, etc.) in response to adhering to any orders that may arise relative to the ongoing pandemic as reimbursable from CRF Grant Agreement.
1. Brandon Douglas
F. Consideration of Ordinance No. 2020-22 for the amending of the City of Jasper Alcohol Ordinance to permit open containers within the central business district.
1. Brandon Douglas
2. David Syfan
G. Consideration and approval of the City of Jasper Job Application Form.
1. Council Member Looney
2. Council Member Sneve
3. Brandon Douglas
H. Consideration and approval of purchasing necessary water supplies in anticipation of the upcoming Georgia Power Reliability Project
1. Mayor Lawrence
2. Brandon Douglas
I. Consideration and approval of Georgia Power’s request for the purchase of easements from the City of Jasper.
1. Brandon Douglas
2. David Syfan
J. Consideration and approval of the replacing/repairing of the Variable Frequency Drive at the Water Treatment Plant.
1. Brandon Douglas
K. Consideration of request for reduced Water / Sewer Rates
1. Brandon Douglas
IX. Committee Reports
A. Development Committee
1. Councilmembers Dr. Sonny Proctor & Kirk Raffield
B. Street/Parks Committee
1. Councilmembers Ann Sneve & John Foust
C. Administration Committee
1. Councilmembers Jim Looney & Ann Sneve
D. Water/Waste Water Committee
1. Councilmembers John Foust & Dr. Sonny Proctor
E. Police/Fire Committee
1. Councilmembers Kirk Raffield & Jim Looney
F. Financial Report
1. Brandon Douglas
G. Development Report
1. Lonnie Waters
H. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
I. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper
X. Adjourn