Jasper City Council

Location:Via Zoom
Start Date:10/5/2020
Start Time:6:00 PM
I. Call meeting to order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Approve minutes of September14, 2020 Regular Council Meeting & September 24, 2020 Public Hearing (9 am & 6 pm)
VI. Old Business
A. Consideration of utilizing the unused office space at the Jasper Police Department for Municipal Court and authorize the expenditure of monies from fund balance for the expected build out costs
1. Brandon Douglas
VII. New Business
A. Consideration of Ordinance 2020-23 for the adoption of the ad valorem tax rate (millage rate) for the City of Jasper.
1. Brandon Douglas
2. Beverly Ragland
B. Consideration and approval of the bids to purchase 3 public safety vehicles from 2020 SPLOST proceeds.
1. Brandon Douglas
2. Beverly Ragland
C. Consideration of requests for utilizing Main Street for events.
1. Haley Bouchie, JMA
2. Brandon Douglas
D. Discussion and update of the City of Jasper Zoning Ordinance review
1. Council member Dr. Sonny Proctor
2. Council member Kirk Raffield
3. Rebecca Keefer, Clark Patterson Lee
E. Consideration and approval of easement for water and sewer line
1. Lonnie Waters
2. Brandon Douglas
F. Consideration and approval of job descriptions for the following positions: Firefighter; Fire Lieutenant; Fire Captain; Assistant Fire Chief.
1. Council Member Jim Looney
2. Council Member Ann Sneve
G. Final consideration of surplus items to be auctioned by the City of Jasper
1. Lonnie Waters
2. Brandon Douglas
VIII. Executive Session
A. Real Estate
1. Brandon Douglas
2. David Syfan
IX. Committee Reports
A. Development Committee
1. Councilmembers Dr. Sonny Proctor & Kirk Raffield
B. Street/Parks Committee
1. Councilmembers Ann Sneve & John Foust
C. Administration Committee
1. Councilmembers Jim Looney & Ann Sneve
D. Water/Waste Water Committee
1. Councilmembers John Foust & Dr. Sonny Proctor
E. Police/Fire Committee
1. Councilmembers Kirk Raffield & Jim Looney
F. Financial Report
1. Brandon Douglas
G. Development Report
1. Lonnie Waters
H. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
I. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper
X. Adjourn
Tickets/Signup:Meeting via zoom