Nelson City Council

Location:Nelson City Hall
Start Date:5/3/2021
Start Time:7:00 PM

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Agenda Approval

5. Public Appearance

6. Public Hearing - Zoning Ordinance revisions

7. Approval of Minutes
April 12, 2021

8. Department Reports
a. Police Report (Lt. Darrin Downey, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.)
b. Mayor’s Report (Mayor Sylvia Green) Update on road repairs (4-6 weeks)
c. Finance Report (Finance Mgr. Miranda McDowell)
d. Cherokee County Fire Report

9. Unfinished Business
a. Discuss and Vote – Opening of sealed bids – 80 Blue Ridge Ave.
b. Discuss and Vote – IGA with Cherokee Co. for the Pickens St. Park Project
c. Discuss and Vote – Construction drawings estimates Pickens St. Park
d. Discuss and Vote – Zoning Ordinance Revisions

10. New Business
a. FY 2019 Audit Report – Welch, Walker & Associates
b. Discuss and Vote – Appointment of Levy officer for Property Taxes
c. Discuss and Vote – Use County Exemptions for City Property Taxes

11. Adjourn