Pickens County Board of Commissioners

Location:Pickens County Administrative Building, 1266 E. Church Street, Jasper, GA
Start Date:7/15/2021
Start Time:6:00 PM

I. Call to order
II. Prayer
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Amendments to Agenda
V. Employee/Other Recognition
VI. Consent Agenda
VII. Finance Report
VIII. Old Business
A. Resolution to Add Additional Board Meetings Monthly
IX. New Business
A. Resolution to Restructure Organizational Chart
B. Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program
C. Talking Rock Annexation
X. Action Items
A. Approve Minutes
* Regular Meeting June 17, 2021
B. Appoint Mary Ghorley to the Highland River Community Board
C. Appoint Kyle Haradon to the Recreation Board
D. Appoint Rhonda Stancil to the Library Board
XI. Guests/Comments
XII. Executive Session
XIII. Approval of Executive Session Minutes
XIV. Adjourn