Downtown Development Authority

Location:Jasper City Hall, 200 Burnt Mountain Road, Jasper, GA
Start Date:1/11/2022
Start Time:5:15 PM
End Time:5:15 AM
I. Call Meeting to Order
A. Chairman Jack Dunn
II. Adopt Agenda
III. Approval Minutes December 4th, 2021
IV. Swearing in of Kirk Raffield and Parish Lowrie
V. New Business
A. Discussion of Work Session/ Retreat with Tara Bradshaw
B. Facilitation of Discussion re: events Second Saturday of the Month. (May-August)
1. Chairman Jack Dunn
C. Committee Reports
1. Social Media Amy Leake & Dave Garner
2. Bi Laws -Dave Garner & Parish Lowrie
3. Business Development -Amy Leak & Marty Callahan
D. Update on meeting with Brittany Pittman with the Appalachian Regional Development.
1. Chairman Jack Dunn
E. Update on JMA events
1. Chairman Jack Dunn
VI. Adjourn