Jasper City Council August 2021

Jasper City Council August 2021
Kim O?Brien request permission for Zombie Fest event at Lee Newton Park on October 16th

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Jasper City Council August 2021

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[ August 02, 2021 ] AGENDA
I. Call meeting to order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Approve minutes from July 12, 2021 Regular Council Meeting
VI. Old Business
A. Consideration and approval of accepting the apparent low bid for the JL White
water line project
1. Brandon Douglas
B. Consideration and approval of the Gennett Drive task order for $12,000 for EXP US Services Inc. for final plan preparation for letting (including utility coordination, final cost estimation, construction contract, letting assistance, preconstruction conference and construction inspection)
1. Brandon Douglas
C. Update Stegall Drive ? TAP Submittal
1. Mayor Lawrence
2. Brandon Douglas
VII. New Business
A. Consideration and approval of the appointment of Kebra Lillibridge to the Pickens County Library Board
1. Mayor Lawrence
B. Consideration of request to rezone Parcels 030C 001 and 030B 061.001 located off of Highway 515 from R-A and R-1 Residential to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) ?APPLICANT REQUESTS TABLING
1. Mayor Lawrence
C. Consideration of request to rezone Parcel #s JA03 073.001 and JA03 128 from R-1 to C-2 located between 561 & 641 Hood Road, Jasper, Georgia
1. Lonnie Waters
2. Shauna Coleman
D. Consideration of Ordinance No. 2021-17 for a request to rezone Parcel # 030A 073 (49.13 acres) from R-A to R-3 located off of Philadelphia Road in Jasper, Georgia
1. Lonnie Waters
2. Shauna Coleman
E. Consideration of the job description for the position of Development/Utility
Specialist and to update the payscale accordingly
1. Brandon Douglas
F. Consideration and approval of Resolution No. 2021-07 for the 2021 Budget Amendments
1. Beverly Ragland
2. Lindsey Williams
G. Consideration and approval of alcohol license for Folksy Ventures LLC dba Waldmet Cellars at 62 Ralph Hicks Circle
1. Lindsey Williams
H. Consideration of utilizing Lee Newton Park by Prestige Medical Group as a fundraiser for Pickens County School System
1. Kim O?Brien
I. Discussion of Georgia Power?s request for a 20? Vegetation Easement throughout the Jasper Circuit
1. Lonnie Waters
J. Discussion of Weather Related Event / Impact
1. Brandon Douglas
VIII. Committee Reports
A. Development Committee
1. Councilmembers Dr. Sonny Proctor & Kirk Raffield
B. Street/Parks Committee
1. Councilmembers Ann Sneve & John Foust
C. Administration Committee
1. Councilmembers Jim Looney & Ann Sneve
D. Water/Waste-Water Committee
1. Councilmembers John Foust & Dr. Sonny Proctor
E. Police/Fire Committee
1. Councilmembers Kirk Raffield & Jim Looney
F. Financial Report
1. Beverly Ragland
G. Development Report
1. Lonnie Waters

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